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CIMT New Teacher Orienation Packet

Instrumental Repair Form 
Piano Tuning and Repair Form 
Instrument Loan Agreement 
English, AlbanianArabicChineseSpanishVietnamese   
Inventory Form

Lesson Plan Template
Student Attendance and Grades
Student Attendance and Grade - Individual
Instrumental Report Card

Strings Performance Assessment Rubric- Submitted by Beth Ann Scamby 
Strings Performance Assessment - Submitted by Beth Ann Scamby 
Assessments for Strings 
Assessments for Beginning Woodwinds and Brass
Assessments for Intermediate/Advanced Woodwinds and Brass
Assessments for Percussion

Level One Benchmarks for Strings 
Level One Benchmarks for Woodwinds 
Level One Benchmarks for Brass 
Level One Benchmarks for Percussion 
Level Two Benchmarks for Strings 
Level Two Benchmarks for Woodwinds 
Level Two Benchmarks for Brass 
Level Two Benchmarks for Percussion 

S-19 Sign-In Sheet 

Absence Card SEH-86
Employee Travel and Expense Form SEH-195
Employee Change of Address SEC-23

Class Trip Request Form EH-81
Parental Permission Slip EH-80
Audio/Visual/Photo Release Form 1  Audio/Visual/Photo Release Form 2 


Scale Requirements for All-City Middle School Auditions

TrumpetFrench HornTrombone/Baritone HornTuba
Percussion Rudiments

Stringed Instrument Fingering Charts 

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass